USS Brewton FF-1086
Welcome Aboard Brochure
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SAFETY. Your safety while onboard USS BREWTON is paramount. Step carefully when walking through passageways and climbling ladders. Walk, don't run.

INFORMATION. Feel free to ask any crewmember about USS BREWTON. He will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

EMERGENCIES. Should any emergencies arise during your visit, alarms will be sounded and the word will be passed over the ship's general announcing system. You are requested to stand fast, but clear of operating spaces. Instructions will be given over the ship's announcing system.

SECURITY. Certain ares of the ship are classified as secure spaces and are off limits to visitors. The entrances to these spaces are marked "SECURITY AREA-KEEP OUT. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY." Your compliance with these signs is appreciated.

Most importantly ... enjoy your visit onboard

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