USS Brewton FF-1086
Welcome Aboard Brochure
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Brewton Seal

The United States Navy maintains a constant vigil around the world to maintain peace. It has had a long and distinguished tradition in peace and war. The wartime history of the U.S. Navy reflects the valor, daring, and courage of the American bluejacket. In peacetime, the U.S. Navy patrols the oceans of the world supporting national, foreign and military policy and exerts a stabilizing influence.

As proven in recent crises throughout the world, the U.S. Navy is one of the great deterrents to world war. Along with the hundreds of other ships in the fleet, BREWTON is on the line defending freedom. Her men, her capabilities, her day-to-day routine and her overall mission, are symbolic of that entire force.

Welcome aboard. We hope that through this visit you will come to better know the United States Navy and the men who are dedicated to it.

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