USS BREWTON FF-1086 Pre-Underway Dependents Guide - 1985


BREWTON is scheduled to participate in ASW OPS 85-86 in the Eastern Pacific Operating Area during the 11 June - 19 August timeframe. This exercise will be our first extended underway period in over six months. Crew members, especially those of your with dependents, should review preparations for this period. Some things to review include, but are not limited to:

A. Financial. Paydays during this period will be during at sea periods. Mail (and hence postal money order) service will be severely limited during the underway period. Don't count on the mail for rapid responses. Plan family finances before the ship departs. Don't forget bills that will be coming due (car payments, rent/mortgage payment, phone bill, utility bills, food, etc.).

B. Household Appliances. They usually break just after the ship departs. Review procedures for resolution of common household problems with your dependents.

C. Transportation. Is your prized automobile in good running condition? Does your wife know what kind of oil to add, what the proper tire pressure is, etc.? Who can she call for emergency transportation? Are the license, registration, safety sticker, base decal, and insurance up-to-date?

D. Medical. Make sure your dependents know how and where to obtain medical assistance.

E. Legal. Does your wife know where your important papers are stored? Will your wife need a Power of Attorney while you're gone?

F. Security. Both you and your family will feel better if you have taken adequate steps to ensure the security of your home. Check the physical security of your home or apartment. Review procedures with your family regarding dealings with strangers, answering phone calls, fire prevention, etc.

G. Children. This is a very personal area, but in most cases children should be prepared in advance for their father's absence. A typical problem is that the child feels abandoned if not properly prepared and reassured.

H. Seabag. Anchorage, Alaska, is not overly warm so be prepared to protect your Hawaii thinned blood. Blues, both working and dress, should be overhauled and onloaded. Don't forget a sweater or coat for those chilly liberty nights.

I. Contacting You in an Emergency. If a real emergency arises, contact the American Red Cross office at 471-3155 and request that they notify the ship of the emergency. Remember, your official mailing address is:

Rank/Rate ___ Name ___________
___ Division
FPO, San Francisco 96661-1446

Commercial telgrams may be sent using the above mailing address. Western Union will get the telegram into the Navy's communication system. Such telegrams should be limited to items of an emergency/significant nature.

J. Assistance with Family Problems/Crises. The following are some suggested resources:

Navy Family Services Center: 474-1256
Navy Relief Office: 423-1314
Squadron Chaplain (LT Swanson): 471-8228 Ombudsman: Mrs. Mary Guy (422-2933)

Remember, a little prior planning will ease the strain!

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